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The caregiving class for men & a nationwide network of male caregivers: the 1st meeting in Tohoku

JEN has supported male caregivers through the “caregiving class for men” consisting mainly of care managers, doctors and dental experts in Ishinomaki City.
This is a report by a JEN intern who supported organizing the event “The caregiving class for men & a nationwide network of male caregivers: the 1st meeting in Tohoku”, held on September 2.
The event, whose aim was to facilitate the support of male caregivers by experts and communities, was held in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture. The participants shared challenges in building a society in which caregivers would not be left out, and sought for solutions. This event was the first of its kind in Tohoku.


The speakers (from right: Mr. Kiyokawa, Mr. Takamuro, Mr. Tsudome, and Dr. Kawase)

There were four lectures in the first half of the event to promote the in-depth understanding of the situations and involvement of male caregivers, including the one by dentist Dr. Kawase, the representative of the “caregiving class for men”, who explained about his project. The speakers are all involved in the various aspects of caregiving, and talked about the current situation of male caregivers and their actual experiences.
In the latter part of the event, we had a workshop by Ms. Takahashi, JEN’s Tohoku project manager.
In the workshop, participants were divided into several groups, and discussed the current state and ideal of caregiving and the challenges to reach the ideal. At the end, each group gave a presentation on what they had discussed.
Participants were diverse, from those who were involved in caregiving in their families, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, social workers, the Regional Comprehensive Support Center staff, to the Social Welfare Council staff. They shared various information and exchanged views.


A lecture in progress


The workshop

Many of the participants said in the questionnaire that they had not only learned from the lectures, but also had an opportunity to think about caregiving themselves through the lectures and workshop and that it was great learning to share their thoughts with others.
They also gave us many suggestions on future events.
We had a very fruitful day. We very much thank those who participated in the event.
This event has made me realize that caregiving is a big issue that the entire society must keep working on. I felt the reality of caregiving by listening not only to those who are caring family members but also to people who are involved in other various aspects of caregiving.
Meanwhile, I also learned the latest trends in social care support and thought that we all must deal with this issue ourselves through social unity.

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