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Counter-drought Agriculture

In Recent years, floods and droughts have broken out at the same time or alternatively in Suri Lanka. While floods cause the tremendous damages with landslides every year, the northern area has been suffered from constant droughts which dry up the reservoirs.

After a giant flood hit the country at the end of this May, JEN set an emergent support program in the south Ratnapura, for those who are forced to evacuate from their homes due to the calamity and the following landslide.

Meanwhile in the north, we’ve been engaged in the promotion of “counter-drought agriculture” as a part of our agricultural support program. Sponsored by Ford Motors, a new contest was held in April to invite widely for excellent examples to adopt the water saving ideas to the traditional agriculture.

Now we’re in the middle of the selection for the awards among the applications. (for more details on the contest, please refer to this page.)

Today, we’ll introduce one outstanding example among them.


This is a makeshift irrigation tower made with stacked dust bins.

Inside of the soil stuffed tower, a bamboo tube is located at the center with many holes on the side. Once poured down into the tube from the top, the water seeps into the soil through the holes, keeping it damped without constantly watering.



A faucet is attached at the bottom of the tower, so that the excess water is to be recuperated automatically and recycled.

This brilliant idea came from 11 old year boy (picture below, in a green shirt). His family planted the red peppers in each pod attached to the tower, which has grown well so far.



They’re excitingly waiting to enjoy the harvest 3 months later.

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September 7, 2017 in Sri Lanka |