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Training in animal husbandry

Now, some of the staff of the Bureau of livestocks and dairy farmers, who voluntarily engage in livestock management activities, are taking a two-month training at the center of animal husbandry.

[A study tour of the center by JEN's staff]

The center was established in 1986 with the support of the Netherlands. The center offers various types of trainings for specialists and dairy farmers. It also offers special courses for women, who take care of livestock everyday, yet have fewer chances of training than men.

[A meeting between JEN and the Center]

One main focus of these trainings is to train the participants on how to breed healthy livestock, so that the livestock do not get sick often which would require immediate medical care.

Participants study the skills of livestock management and artificial fertilization in order to breed healthy livestock, which would increase milk production and livestock themselves. After the training, they are expected to pass on their new knowledge to other dairy farmers.

[A training scene (study tour of the livestock sheds)]


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August 10, 2017 in Pakistan |