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The Impact of Education

In addition to rehabilitating school facilities such as classroom and toilets, JEN implements hygiene education, disaster prevention and disaster reduction education so that students, their families and the community can live healthily and safely. JEN does this by involving the entire community.

To confirm the effectiveness of our activities, JEN conducts monitoring on the students’ knowledge, awareness and behaviors around hygiene. JEN also conducts monitoring on the families as well, to see if the students brought additional knowledge and had an impact on the family’s hygiene level.

One reason why hygiene education is so important is because good hygiene behaviors can reduce the risk of contracting diarrhea, which is sometime fatal for children. Needless to say, diarrhea remains the number one killer for children around the world.

So far, the children and their family’s hygiene knowledge are improving and they now understand how to wash their hands correctly, which a good trend.

“Hygiene education is one of JEN’s largest contributions” says local health staff.

[JEN staff interview the students’ knowledge they learned in class.]

[Proper hand washing as they learned through hygiene education.]

[JEN staff check the students’ learning through family members]

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August 31, 2017 in Afghanistan |