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[Ratnapura] After the floods - procurement of temporary shelter materials begins

JEN started procuring temporary shelter materials to distribute to flood victims.

Our logistics officers analyzed the price and quality of the various materials and services on offer and decided that it would be best to buy the materials in the Colombo District, and then transport them up to the Ratnapura District.

The Ratnapura District Administration approved the materials based on JEN’s temporary shelter standards. We negotiated contracts with the different suppliers.

It was a challenge to procure the materials within the budget and to arrange for safe delivery to schedule.

The manufacturers usually deal with construction companies who purchase in bulk, so our negotiations for relatively small quantities were difficult.


However, after skillful negotiations by our experienced logistics officers JEN was able to buy the materials we wanted at a price within budget.

[A JEN team member negotiating at a galvanized plate supplier]

[A JEN team member negotiating at a tool supplier]

The materials we purchased were then transported to the Ratnapura District.

The Ratnapura District is approximately 50 miles away from the Colombo District, and is usually a three hour drive by car.

However, with the onset of the rainy season landslides frequently occur making road conditions difficult and the journey longer.

[A truck stuck in the mud and being towed]

Each district decided where they wanted the materials delivered and then the local community, who were the beneficiaries, unloaded them.

[Unloading in progress]

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