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[Ratnapura] After the floods—installation of temporary shelters starts

The installation of temporary shelters using distributed materials has begun in Nivithigala, Ratnapura District.

[A mountain path through a tropical rainforest in the Ratnapura District]


We drove up a narrow mountain path that was barely paved as in the photo above, followed by a path like an animal trail deeper in the jungle before arriving at the site where temporary shelters were being installed for the affected people.

We had surprises that were unique to a rainforest on our way, like spotting a Komodo dragon from our car and a staff member getting a leech stuck on a leg.

[A temporary shelter being installed (woman on the far right is the district administrator)]

Specialized engineers dispatched from the government build the foundations in order to secure safety and durability, and residents themselves install the other parts.

Even as the weather continues to be irregular, residents continue to work during brief sunny spells, trying to build temporary housing as quickly as possible. Their work is nearly complete.

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August 24, 2017 in Sri Lanka |