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Monthly “ SHIOKAZE KITCHEN“ in Miyako city, Iwate prefecture

JEN continues to support “SHIOKAZE KITCHEN” which we featured in our newsletter last March. Miyako Council of Social Welfare in Iwate prefecture organizes the kitchen.

One of seven children in Japan now lives in poverty. Single parent families are particularly affected with 50% of them living in poverty..

“SHIOKAZE KITCHEN” is now an important community place. Allowing children to still follow their dreams and helping parents to share their problems.

Every month, single parent families, volunteers and staff from Miyako Council of Social Welfare get together, prepare meals, eat and enjoy their time together. 

This activity happens every month.  In August, we had an outdoor BBQ party as a special event requested by the children.

Unfortunately it was a rainy day, despite this everyone had a great time.

[People preparing rice balls for BBQ]

[BBQ started!]

[After the BBQ, we enjoyed fireworks]

[No one wanted the party to end!]

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