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Liberation of Mosul, and…

Since 2014 when an armed opposition group took control of the second largest city in Iraq, Mosul, millions of residents have been forced to evacuate to a safer place in the country.

In October 2016 the Iraqi government moved into action to liberate Mosul. In July 2017 Mosul was, at last, liberated from the armed opposition group.

What’s important now?

Reconstruction covers many things. It not only refers to the restoration of the infrastructure which was totally destroyed but also includes encouraging displaced residents to return to Mosul.

Reconstruction requires a certain amount of money. Even though Mosul has received support from the international community it is far from sufficient.

A reconciliation needs to be reached between the so-called general Iraqi society and Mosul residents in order to ensure fairness to all.

【In Mosul】


Terrorism by the armed opposition group not only resulted in many deaths and physical destruction but the group also tried to destroy the ‘culture’ of  Mosul.

The ‘culture’, ‘society’, ‘politics’ and ‘religious sense’ developed by the armed opposition over the years was carefully designed by its leaders to spread the group’s ideas throughout society. It had the desired effect, influencing the people. 

Now a way to reverse these effects is needed.

To do this, Iraq will need to implement reconstruction projects in cooperation with NGOs, Muslim clerics, intellectuals, thinkers and all other influential figures in the Iraqi society.

We should also not forget about the young people.

【Mosul residents】

Experts in Iraq will need to enlist the cooperation of experts from other countries in order to conduct psychological and social rehabilitation programs for the young people in Mosul.

Thikra J Elias 
Baghdad, Iraq

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August 3, 2017 in Iraq |