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The Impact of Education

In addition to rehabilitating school facilities such as classroom and toilets, JEN implements hygiene education, disaster prevention and disaster reduction education so that students, their families and the community can live healthily and safely. JEN does this by involving the entire community.

To confirm the effectiveness of our activities, JEN conducts monitoring on the students’ knowledge, awareness and behaviors around hygiene. JEN also conducts monitoring on the families as well, to see if the students brought additional knowledge and had an impact on the family’s hygiene level.

One reason why hygiene education is so important is because good hygiene behaviors can reduce the risk of contracting diarrhea, which is sometime fatal for children. Needless to say, diarrhea remains the number one killer for children around the world.

So far, the children and their family’s hygiene knowledge are improving and they now understand how to wash their hands correctly, which a good trend.

“Hygiene education is one of JEN’s largest contributions” says local health staff.

[JEN staff interview the students’ knowledge they learned in class.]

[Proper hand washing as they learned through hygiene education.]

[JEN staff check the students’ learning through family members]

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August 31, 2017 in Afghanistan |

Pest control for prevention of infectious diseases

One of the traditional events in the Islamic world is a sacrifice festival. People’s contacts with livestock increase as animals are brought in to the ritual site. In such a situation,  infection of Crimea Congo hemorrhagic fever becomes a major concern as it is a disease that can spread from livestock to people.

FATA was also in danger of the disease, so last year JEN disinfected over 37,500 livestock in cooperation with the livestock department in charge of exterminating mites, the vector of this disease.

In order to prevent the disease this year, JEN delivered chemicals to the livestock department so that they can spray over the animals for the sacrifice festival scheduled during the first week of September.

Pest control will mainly be carried out at the center of distribution course which is the entrance to the livestock market. Moving in to 2018, JEN will be promoting this activity to increase the target number for disinfection, and thus continue supportingthe livestock department’s efforts. 

[Delivery of chemicals for spray]

[Disinfectants and a banner for awareness raising]    

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August 31, 2017 in Pakistan |


Monthly “ SHIOKAZE KITCHEN“ in Miyako city, Iwate prefecture

JEN continues to support “SHIOKAZE KITCHEN” which we featured in our newsletter last March. Miyako Council of Social Welfare in Iwate prefecture organizes the kitchen.

One of seven children in Japan now lives in poverty. Single parent families are particularly affected with 50% of them living in poverty..

“SHIOKAZE KITCHEN” is now an important community place. Allowing children to still follow their dreams and helping parents to share their problems.

Every month, single parent families, volunteers and staff from Miyako Council of Social Welfare get together, prepare meals, eat and enjoy their time together. 

This activity happens every month.  In August, we had an outdoor BBQ party as a special event requested by the children.

Unfortunately it was a rainy day, despite this everyone had a great time.

[People preparing rice balls for BBQ]

[BBQ started!]

[After the BBQ, we enjoyed fireworks]

[No one wanted the party to end!]

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August 30, 2017 in Tohoku earthquake |


Ratnapura flood emergency assistance completed

On August 27, JEN completed the distribution of shelter emergency kits to 150 households in the 13 districts. We would like to thank you once again for your continued support.

This is a report on the distribution of the tent reinforcing materials JEN has provided in a camp in the Wanniyawaththa GN Division, Nivithigala DS, Ratnapura District.

[A JEN staff member (center) explains about the distribution during a brief sunny spell]

Temporarily shelters were installed and people affected by the flood resumed their daily lives.

[A steep mountain path on which one of the JEN team managed to sprain her ankle]

Unlike the material JEN has distributed can withstand heavy rain, so people can settle down and have a roof over their heads until their houses are rebuilt.

Even while we were providing this assistance, the news of extensive floods and mudslides came in one after another from India, Nepal, Sierra Leone and elsewhere.

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August 27, 2017 in Sri Lanka |


[Ratnapura] After the floods—installation of temporary shelters starts

The installation of temporary shelters using distributed materials has begun in Nivithigala, Ratnapura District.

[A mountain path through a tropical rainforest in the Ratnapura District]


We drove up a narrow mountain path that was barely paved as in the photo above, followed by a path like an animal trail deeper in the jungle before arriving at the site where temporary shelters were being installed for the affected people.

We had surprises that were unique to a rainforest on our way, like spotting a Komodo dragon from our car and a staff member getting a leech stuck on a leg.

[A temporary shelter being installed (woman on the far right is the district administrator)]

Specialized engineers dispatched from the government build the foundations in order to secure safety and durability, and residents themselves install the other parts.

Even as the weather continues to be irregular, residents continue to work during brief sunny spells, trying to build temporary housing as quickly as possible. Their work is nearly complete.

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August 24, 2017 in Sri Lanka |

Youths in Kirkuk

The most popular sport here in Kirkuk, that is also “Soccer”! The youth in Kirkuk is recently enthusiastic in the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain Super Cup “The Classic”.

The Classic is very popular in Kirkuk. A lot of young people get together in cafés and watch the game passionately.

Many people gathered to see the soccer game in the club in Kirkuk the other day as well.
The game was held at Barcelona soccer stadium “Camp Nou” this day. Real Madrid won the game 3 to 1.

Although C. Ronaldo had to exit in the middle of the game this time, we’re looking forward to seeing the winner of Spain Super Cup at the return match today at the soccer stadium of Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu.

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August 24, 2017 in Iraq |


[Ratnapura] After the flood -temporary shelter materials delivered and the handover ceremony held

The project to distribute temporary shelter materials was made possible with the support of our donors and Japan Platform (JPF). JEN would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who donated to this project.

The temporary shelter materials were delivered. (Click here for the article on the procurement of materials)

On August 11, the handover ceremony was held, attended by Mr. Sato, second secretary, Japanese Embassy in Sri Lanka and the head of the Nivithigala County in the Ratnapura District.

The Loca Deniva Elementary School, where the ceremony was held, has been the shelter for 14 families for two weeks since the huge landslide on May 26. The ceremony hosted a large number of people, including the victims, residents of the community that had housed them and the local media.

The residents who planned the ceremony entertained everyone with music and dancing.  They also cooked special food, similar to the food they would prepare for a wedding celebration.

Photo_4 2
[Students performing a traditional dance]

After the ceremony, we distributed our materials to the families.
Temporary shelter materials were distributed to 120 families in a total of 14 districts and tent reinforcing materials to 30 families in one district.

3 4
[Distribution of materials; many young volunteers participated]

More heavy rain fell in the area but the local people were able to be dry in their temporary housing.
[Heavy rain again]

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August 15, 2017 in Sri Lanka |


[Ratnapura] After the floods - procurement of temporary shelter materials begins

JEN started procuring temporary shelter materials to distribute to flood victims.

Our logistics officers analyzed the price and quality of the various materials and services on offer and decided that it would be best to buy the materials in the Colombo District, and then transport them up to the Ratnapura District.

The Ratnapura District Administration approved the materials based on JEN’s temporary shelter standards. We negotiated contracts with the different suppliers.

It was a challenge to procure the materials within the budget and to arrange for safe delivery to schedule.

The manufacturers usually deal with construction companies who purchase in bulk, so our negotiations for relatively small quantities were difficult.


However, after skillful negotiations by our experienced logistics officers JEN was able to buy the materials we wanted at a price within budget.

[A JEN team member negotiating at a galvanized plate supplier]

[A JEN team member negotiating at a tool supplier]

The materials we purchased were then transported to the Ratnapura District.

The Ratnapura District is approximately 50 miles away from the Colombo District, and is usually a three hour drive by car.

However, with the onset of the rainy season landslides frequently occur making road conditions difficult and the journey longer.

[A truck stuck in the mud and being towed]

Each district decided where they wanted the materials delivered and then the local community, who were the beneficiaries, unloaded them.

[Unloading in progress]

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August 10, 2017 in Sri Lanka |

Training in animal husbandry

Now, some of the staff of the Bureau of livestocks and dairy farmers, who voluntarily engage in livestock management activities, are taking a two-month training at the center of animal husbandry.

[A study tour of the center by JEN's staff]

The center was established in 1986 with the support of the Netherlands. The center offers various types of trainings for specialists and dairy farmers. It also offers special courses for women, who take care of livestock everyday, yet have fewer chances of training than men.

[A meeting between JEN and the Center]

One main focus of these trainings is to train the participants on how to breed healthy livestock, so that the livestock do not get sick often which would require immediate medical care.

Participants study the skills of livestock management and artificial fertilization in order to breed healthy livestock, which would increase milk production and livestock themselves. After the training, they are expected to pass on their new knowledge to other dairy farmers.

[A training scene (study tour of the livestock sheds)]


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August 10, 2017 in Pakistan |


Liberation of Mosul, and…

Since 2014 when an armed opposition group took control of the second largest city in Iraq, Mosul, millions of residents have been forced to evacuate to a safer place in the country.

In October 2016 the Iraqi government moved into action to liberate Mosul. In July 2017 Mosul was, at last, liberated from the armed opposition group.

What’s important now?

Reconstruction covers many things. It not only refers to the restoration of the infrastructure which was totally destroyed but also includes encouraging displaced residents to return to Mosul.

Reconstruction requires a certain amount of money. Even though Mosul has received support from the international community it is far from sufficient.

A reconciliation needs to be reached between the so-called general Iraqi society and Mosul residents in order to ensure fairness to all.

【In Mosul】


Terrorism by the armed opposition group not only resulted in many deaths and physical destruction but the group also tried to destroy the ‘culture’ of  Mosul.

The ‘culture’, ‘society’, ‘politics’ and ‘religious sense’ developed by the armed opposition over the years was carefully designed by its leaders to spread the group’s ideas throughout society. It had the desired effect, influencing the people. 

Now a way to reverse these effects is needed.

To do this, Iraq will need to implement reconstruction projects in cooperation with NGOs, Muslim clerics, intellectuals, thinkers and all other influential figures in the Iraqi society.

We should also not forget about the young people.

【Mosul residents】

Experts in Iraq will need to enlist the cooperation of experts from other countries in order to conduct psychological and social rehabilitation programs for the young people in Mosul.

Thikra J Elias 
Baghdad, Iraq

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August 3, 2017 in Iraq |

Flood relief team in Ratnapura

JEN’s team, a project officer, a logistics officer, an accounting and general admin officer, provide support in Ratnapura.

  Last week we got information about what the people who were affected by the flood needed. From this we made a distribution list for the selected 150 households. Before we could begin distribution the list needs to be approved by the directors of each district, so first we had to visit all 12 districts where the people live.

The project officer negotiates with the district administrative team. With the director he agrees the distribution point from which the people can easily access the items.
【the staff meets the director】

The logistics officer gets quotes in Patnapula and Colombo. He received 31 written quotes, for materials to build simple shelters. From these quotes he chose the one that represented the best value. 

【The officer compares the written estimates】

The accounting and general admin officer is in charge of the office. He purchases office equipment, gets the car ready and pays for the materials.

We all do our best to efficiently purchase the materials, distribute the materials and construct the shelters!

【Meeting in the morning】

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August 3, 2017 in Sri Lanka |