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The Wish of Kathira, a 10-year-old Girl


JEN provides education support by repairing schools and ensuring a hygienic environment in Charikar, Parwan Province. One of the schools was a girls’ school where 10-year-old Kathira (photo above) studies as a third grader. She returned to her hometown with her family in 2015 after 9 years as a refugee in Iran. She could not go to school in Iran, and therefore her father tutored her.

“Before I started going to school, my life was centered on helping out with the household chores. Even when my brothers and parents told me that a new school has been built, I couldn’t imagine the fun it will bring. However, school life is a completely new world. I now have my dreams and many hopes for my future. I am proud of my school because it is the cleanest around here. Our teachers educate us about disasters, disaster prevention, and health.”

[Kathira studying hard]

[Kathira recites what her teacher said. She was elected class representative]

“Yesterday evening, my mother asked me, ‘Can I use water exposed to sunlight?’ I answered, ‘It is safe if the water was covered.’ I heard that six classrooms will be available at the school building that JEN is repairing now. With more classrooms, more children can learn. Once the new school building is completed, I want to plant lots of beautiful flowers. I wish many children around the world can go to school.”

[In front of the school building that JEN is repairing. She comes here one or two times per week and is looking forward to its completion.]

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July 7, 2017 in Afghanistan |