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The importance of Education on Sanitation and Disaster Preparedness

Afghanistan has many mountainous areas prone to natural disasters including earthquakes, landslides, floods, and avalanches, while measures to prevent and respond to such incidents remain insufficient.

Moreover, many people are unaware of the fact that many diseases can be prevented by the simple act of washing hands.

Therefore, JEN works with schools to educate people on disaster preparedness and health.

JEN has engaged teachers, local communities, parents of students, and government officials in Parwan Provinceto conduct activities.

This year we targeted new schools. The school management committee, comprising of local residents and school staff, joined the training so that they can educate the students on sanitation and disaster preparedness.

【Training session】

The headmaster of General Mohammad Seddiq Girls High School said, “this training is very important. Many people had been handling livestock without knowing the importance of hand-washing that can prevent infectious diseases caused from contact with animals.”

【Headmaster of General Mohammad Seddiq Girls High School (right)】

About the training on disaster preparedness education, Masooda Jan, teacher and member of the management committee of Mir Abdul Karim Maqool Girls High School., said, “there should be many lives saved through this kind of education”.

【Masooda Jan (left) talking with JEN staff】

“Most people don’t have knowledge on disaster preparedness. Once an earthquake happened, the only response had been to run away. In the past, a student got injured by rushing down the stairs in the school. The teachers of this school appreciate the training opportunity that informs them of appropriate ways of response.”

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July 27, 2017 in Afghanistan |