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The First Aid Training

The first-aid training took place in Parwan province, Afghanistan, where JEN has been in the operation for long. Hearing from the local education department that many people, including school teachers, have no idea on the first aid treatment to the injured, we held the training for 60 school teachers of 30 schools in Charikar, the provincial capital.

One of the participants was Gul Mohammad, a teacher of  an elementary school, who told us his experience a few years ago on his way to school.

“When a man took his son to school on the bicycle, the son fell off from the bike and got injured on the arms and legs. When I rushed toward them, I noticed the boy was bleeding, but neither his father or me knew what to do. One passerby tried to stop bleeding and started to cover the wounds with the mud. Apparently he hadn’t know the first aid, nor the fact that the mud is dirty.

“As quite few people in rural areas has no knowledge on the first aid, it could end up the death when you are injured and treated inappropriately. I didn’t know either how to treat the kid, believing that the only way to stop bleeding is to cover it with the mud.

“I learned a lot at this 3 day training session, everything from the role of the first responder to the medical knowledge of blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory, breathing, and circulation, as well as the treatment of injuries and the shocked persons. Now I’m capable to apply a proper first aid treatment. I’m so grateful for JEN to offer us such an opportunity of training.

【Gul Mohammad, on the right】

【how the training goes】

July 13, 2017 in Afghanistan |