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[Emergency assistance] We have finished interviewing all the local residents that requested support.

We conducted interviews (July 12th~18th) with the local residents who were affected by the Latunapura flood.

Content of the survey: We visited homes or refuges, and got information about each family.  We wanted to know about their current living conditions and their particular situation, did they have any medical conditions, how old were they and what surviving relatives did they have.  These are very personal questions.  We also enquired as to whether they had any land to use for temporary evacuation.

In the mountainous district we visited there are not so many people but the families that do live there face difficult conditions.

Sriyawathi’s house was completely destroyed by the landslide, so currently four people are living in a tent provided by the local council office. There is only one bed, so two people sleep on the bed and other two on the floor. As it is impossible to cook inside the tent, they have created a small area with tree branches and galvanized iron to use as a kitchen.

[The picture shows life in the tent. When it rains, water flows in] 
[The picture shows the kitchen]

The issues of living in a tent are security and drainage. The door of the tent is zipped and impossible to lock from the inside.  So often the men have to abandon work in order to guard their female relatives and children.

Some families were given a compulsory expulsion order to leave their homes as there was a danger of a landslide. However some families had no choice but to stay in their home because they could not find alternative safe accommodation.
Susansa Kumar is living in his partially destroyed house frightened that a landslide may occur at any time. Whenever it rains, he climbs down the hill and goes to the evacuation area.

[Susansa Kumar’s damaged house. He says he climbs down the hill when it rains for fear of a landslide.]

Even in such a situation, we saw many people trying to get their lives back to normal. JEN is speedily working with the district administration.  We will procure and distribute construction materials so that shelters can be built.

[Mud got into the house. As it occurred while they were sleeping, they escaped in a hurry.] 

[JEN’s team listening to Sunil, a guide in the district, and the local people affected by the flood]          


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