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Disaster mitigation and preparedness workshops has started!

As Japan has a lot of natural disasters it is not surprising to see schools conducting emergency drills or to know that families have emergency kits. But in Sri Lanka disaster preparedness measures are rare.

In the northern area, where many people live in poverty, natural disasters like droughts can seriously affect families.  With their crops ruined families lose their source of income and fall deeper into poverty.

In order to stop this cycle, JEN supports disaster mitigation and preparedness workshops.

One of these activities, was started on Jun 30, 2017.

[The venue of the work shop]

[ Participants]

The work shop ran as follows:

1. Self introduction by participants. Ice breaker activity.
2. Fill-in-the-blank quiz
3. Lectures
4. Learn by watching a movie
5. Summary

From the lectures the participants learned what kind of disasters they might suffer and how to protect the lives of their families and themselves from these disasters.

One person summed up the feelings of the participants “We have not been so aware of disasters. We come to know that just a bit of knowledge will help save our lives”.

Things learnt included how to get life back to normal after the disaster, how to resume farming, and how to protect crops in the case of disaster.

[ Fill-in-the-blank quiz by three groups]


[ A lecture]

[ Today's material]

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