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Truffle of Iraq

What do you imagine when you hear of truffle?

Truffle is a type of mushroom (fungus) that does not contain chlorophyll and is non-photosynthetic. It absorbs nutrition from the remains of dead animals and plants in the soil.

In Kirkuk and its surrounding area, you can see truffles around the beginning of April. The price is about 35,000 dinar (28USD) for 1kg.

The main producing area of truffles is the place once controlled by an armed group.

People of Kirkuk worry about contamination because of the chemical used in weapons, since the armed group used chemical weapons in the outskirts of Kirkuk where the truffles grow.

Nevertheless, the truffle is so delicious that people think they like to eat regardless of the risk.

【Truffles piled in a bucket】

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June 7, 2017 in Iraq |