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Tree Planting Activity at Abo Bakar Sedik Boys School

Nasir Ahmad is a teacher at Abo Bakar Sedik Boys School.

“When I heard about the importance of planting trees in the school, I felt that this can eventually relate to saving our planet. Not only can trees remove harmful substances from soil, they can also reduce carbon dioxide that causes global warming. I think planting trees will help to improve the environment,” he said.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. They also improve water quality. So the school decided to buy tree seedlings to make the environment and landscape better. There were too few trees around to make such changes.

“Gas emissions from cars and factories and other human activities are polluting the environment. We shall stop global warming by planting trees. As a small contribution to the environment, we planted trees in the school grounds. We will have to water the trees until they become large but they will soon change the landscape of our school. Moreover, we hope teachers will plant trees not only in schools but also in their homes too,” added Mr. Nasir.

[Planted trees in Abo Bakar Sedik Boys School, with Mr. Nasir]

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June 1, 2017 in Afghanistan |