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The Effect of the Field Study

Because of the operation to clear the militant groups in Pakistan, many people were forced to evacuate. These people who had left are slowly returning home. The details can be found here.

Under this situation, JEN is working on a livelihood improvement project through livestock development for the people returning to Khyber Agency, a tribal area in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), with the cooperation of the supporters and the Japanese government. 

This project is now in its second year. During the first year, we picked a small number of dairy farmers to support their change from traditional farming to one that can produce more cash-generating products. Therefore, we planned a field study and had 10 participants. In this field study, we visited various dairy farms and learned about livestock housing, feeding, milking, vaccinating, parasite control, and caring for calves.

One of the participants, Said Karam, was impressed and decided to construct a livestock hut. He asked for advice from JEN's staff in charge and the staff provided the required information, and then the hut was constructed.

[Constructing the livestock hut]


Previously, one of his rooms was used as a livestock hut and he did not bother about ventilation and hygiene. The livestock management program provided by JEN gave the opportunity to learn about the importance of constructing livestock housing and he was convinced of it during the field study.

[The livestock in the new hut]

He felt great to be able to build a livestock hut by himself. He began paying attention to his livestock by providing better nutrition and hydration, and preventing diseases through immunization and parasite control.

Neighbors that visited him asked about the costs and the materials required for a livestock hut. They will probably build their own livestock huts later but there are many people who cannot afford it. Mr. Said Karam asks JEN to support those people.

[The dairy farmers]

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June 29, 2017 in Pakistan |