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Scabies Treatment and Enlightenment

In Pakistan, a number of people who had been forced to evacuate have started slowly coming back home.

With the help of JEN’s supporters and the Japanese government JEN is working on a livelihood improvement program, targeting the repatriated inhabitants of FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) Khyber Agency.
This program focuses on breeding livestock.
More details are available.


Several weeks ago, it was found that livestock in Toot Talab village in Khyber Agency, which is one of our working locations, has scabies.

We immediately informed the local livestock department of the situation and an investigation took place found that 178 livestock from 77 families have scabies.
We began to talk with the livestock department to take basic measures beforehand to prevent large-scale spread of infection.

Consequently, we agreed to cope with the problem in cooperation with each other, and decided that the livestock department would treat sick livestock and JEN would at the same time carry out an enlightenment campaign.
[Medical treatment for scabies by the livestock department]
At the first group treatment, we treated 45 large livestock and 25 small livestock.

Before treatment, JEN’s staff educated raisers about scabies and economical treatment based on the household income level and enlightened them about preventive measures such as cleaning of sheds or regular application of insecticide for the livestock.

Then, the staff of the livestock department vaccinated the livestock.
[Enlightenment on scabies by JEN’s staff ]

The next group treatment and enlightenment will be held 2 weeks later.    

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