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Making money from a wheelbarrow

People who were forced to evacuate have slowly started coming back home to Pakistan.

With the help of JEN’s supporters and the Japanese government JEN is working on a livelihood improvement program, targeting the repatriated inhabitants of FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) Khyber Agency.
This program focuses on breeding livestock.
More details are available.


JEN selected this area because the economic infrastructure was extremely fragile, there were a large number of households and the area was good for farming. The soil in the area is fertile.

The Government Agriculture Agency had already set up the Agriculture Supporting Committee and JEN distributed seeds and tools to the farmers. 

When the military operation was deployed near Muhammad Ayub’s house, Muhammad left all his belongings and escaped. After the conflict, he returned with his family. 

We registered him as eligible for agriculture support, providing him with seeds, tools, a wheelbarrow and lectures on farming.

He uses his wheelbarrow on his own farm, but when he is not using it he rents it to other farmers so that they can carry fertilizer.

Mr Ayub earns additional money by using his wheelbarrow to carry back food from the market.

Mr. Ayub is working part time irregularly at his hometown’s NGO. He uses his wheelbarrow there too but for this kind of work it is more important to help people to rebuild their lives rather than make money.


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