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JEN’s Support for Kumamoto So Far

One year and a month have passed since the Kumamoto Earthquake, which caused significant damage to the area. According to the announcement by the prefectural government of Kumamoto, 225 people lost their precious lives and nearly 200,000 houses have been damaged. Locals, the administration and support groups are still working hard for the recovery.

JEN arrived in Kumamoto on April 15, the next day of the foreshock. At the beginning, we did support activities mainly for the people in the evacuation sites as the lifeline had not been restored. With the stores and shops still closed, our activities included distributing bento boxes and underwear as well as providing bath service for those having difficulty in taking a bath.

JEN also provided local communities and support organizations with trucks and materials in order to help accelerate the removal of debris as the evacuation sites became integrated and closed.

[Distribution of Bento Boxes at the Evacuation Sites]

[JEN’s Truck Working to Remove the Debris]

When the emergency period was coming to an end, JEN thought about how to give support that can lead to fundamental solutions to local issues in Kumamoto. We met a lot of people. As a result, JEN started a workshop project named “The School for a Bright Tomorrow in Kumamoto (ASUKUMA)”, in cooperation with the support group that had been doing similar activities even before the earthquake.

[Holding “ASUKUMA” for Those Facing Local Issues]

The first period of this workshop ended in March 2017. Many of the participants are still trying hard to solve local problems in various fields. JEN continues to work together with people in Kumamoto. 

June 1, 2017 in Kumamoto |