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Towards an Official Trip to Sri Lanka

Hello. I am a program officer for Sri Lanka based at JEN’s Tokyo Headquarters.

The main work of the Tokyo Headquarters team is to launch projects abroad. Program officers prepare applications for grants, submit completion reports, manage the progress of the projects and send thank you letters to supporters.

Also, program officers visit the country for which they are responsible if necessary, they temporarily fill any vacant positions and monitor the project. They discuss with the local team what kind of support activities should be carried out in the future.

Soon, I’ll be going to Sri Lanka to check on the progress of a project and after I’ll report my findings so that supporters will see what we have managed to achieve with their help and also to update my colleagues so we can feel encouraged by the progress we have made.

Here, I would like to give you some information about Sri Lanka.
Official Name : Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Meaning: Shining Island Geography: An island in the Indian Ocean to the south of India. A little smaller in area than Hokkaido. Religion: Buddhist 70%, Hindu 10%, Muslim 10%, and Christian 10%. Colonial history: Portugal →the Netherlands→ England
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Home Page (as of April 2017)

Though Sri Lanka has been influenced by European countries, it has kept a lot of its cultural heritage.  It has a lot of archeological sites.

It is a country of everlasting summers and is famous for resorts, but there are also a lot of cooler areas in the mountains. You can enjoy a variety of activities including a jungle safari. I would strongly recommend that you visit the country, at least once. 

[The nearby station in the town where the local office is located]

[It is drier than expected though it is rainier than Tokyo in some areas.]

[Tropical fruits grow in the garden in the warm areas.]

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