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Launch of a registration System for internally displaced persons


[Use of the new registration system to distribute hygiene supplies]

JEN has launched a new registration system to help with the correct distribution of hygiene supplies. It allows easier and more accurate distribution than before and without using paper documents.

The system requires a smart phone and an app containing the data of all households in the camp.

When visiting families in the camp staff can check family details including the supplies the family are eligible to receive along with whether they have received these supplies or not. 

So the system ensures the correct supply and avoids duplicating the supply of goods.

The system was developed by the Kurdistan Regional Government and another non-profit organisation. 

All internally-displaced persons living in the camp and around Dahuk have been registered on the system.

Soon, the system is going to be used in all distribution operations in the Kurdistan Region.

Ezzat Ahmed Bapeer, JEN Field Staff

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May 25, 2017 in Iraq |