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【Emergency assistance】A repatriated refugee’s son “I study hard for my mother”

JEN distributed daily necessities to repatriated refugees from Pakistan in Chaparhar District of Nangarhar Province, located in the eastern part of Afghanistan. We met a mother with her two sons who are 14 and 9 years old and helped them to carry the necessities. The mother’s name is Dil Jan

[Dil Jan follows receiving procedure. 22 April, 2017]

[Dil Jan, her sons and JEN’s team carry the necessities. 22 April, 2017]

“We lived stably in Pakistan but we returned to Afghanistan in August last year. Three months later, my husband died. I have three sons.  The oldest one is married, so I’m left caring for the other two,.” Dil Jan said.

She hoped that the supplies provided would help improve their standard of living . Her older son suddenly cut into our conversation, saying, “we need school buildings.”

I was surprised and interested to know what he meant.  I talked with him, his name is Hadesullah , a sixth grader.

[Hadesullah talked with the team. 22 April, 2017]

“Sorry for cutting in on your conversation but I’d like to say that, as my mother said, we need lots of things because we are a family of 6 and our father is dead.  Can you imagine how hard my mother works to earn a living sewing clothes? ”

“I’m sorry to be demanding but I wish we had buildings for my school. Especially, I want a laboratory and a computer room. I will study hard to enter high school and then university.”

“I have a dream to be a doctor to help people and to earn good money. This is also my mother’s wish.” He said.

There are no school buildings.  So they study on worn-out rugs in the shade of a wall.  At around 9 :00 a.m. the sun is really strong and they can’t continue studying any longer.

[It’s the school.]

“This is our daily life. We really need a school building even if there isn’t a laboratory nor a computer room.” He begged.

Hameedullah Hamid
Project manager
JEN Afghanistan

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