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Training on Project Cycle Management

In April 2017, JEN organized and carried out "Project Cycle Management" training. 27 participants, including the partners of JEN's Tohoku Projects and the people of related organizations engaged in the rehabilitation of the damaged area, spent three days of enthusiasm.

[Self-introduction as a starter]

Project Cycle Management (PCM) is a method to run and manage a set of project cycle (Planning, Implementation, Evaluation) by using a brief summary format called "Project Design Matrix (PDM)".

This time's training focused on the methods used in the planning stage in the above cycle by means of lectures and participatory practices.

[Discussion by the participants]

[ Coming up with ideas]

The lecturer, Mr. Takahiro MIYOSHI, representative of PCM Tokyo, provided a fictional case of a deserted local shopping street. The participants were divided into four groups, and each group planned a project to revitalize the street. The four groups created different projects though they underwent the same process such as stakeholder analysis, factor analysis, goal analysis, project selection and constructing a logical framework. On the third day, each participant tried to apply the logical framework to his/her own project.

[Exercise during the break]

The training is expected to benefit the participants greatly when they return to their fields.

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