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The beginning of a water saving contest

JEN’s Sri Lankan team has run disaster prevention activities it has also now it has started a water saving project supported by the Ford Motor Company.

A household well allows easy access to water with the water being used in the house and for agriculture.  However, many people are using it, as if the water is a limitless resource and wasting it.

When using the water for agriculture they are using it inefficiently; watering the same spot for a long time instead of using the water over a larger area.

JEN wanted to teach people the importance of not wasting water and have asked the local people themselves to come up with water saving ideas – so our water saving contest was launched

[A poster of the contest distributed to the each community]

This contest will last for 3 months, at the end JEN will select the best 25 ideas.
As the locals cannot afford to put these winning ideas into action;

JEN, with the support of the Ford Motor Company, will provide funding for the winners to implement their ideas themselves. 

[JEN explains about the contest to newcomers]

As well as running the contest we plan to print and distribute a booklet to the representatives of each area. 

This booklet will feature information on saving water along with details of the winning ideas.

We expect that the contest will help people to be more aware of the need to save water and the environmental issues involved.

We look forward to introducing the winning ideas!

[A person suggesting a water saving idea]

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April 20, 2017 in Sri Lanka |