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Schools in Al-Fallujah

Schools across Al-Fallujah were heavily damaged in combat activities last November, but the decision was made to have students return.

[Destroyed school facilities]

The government of Al Anbar disclosed that 60% of the school facilities in Al-Fallujah had been damaged. The scale of damage differs by school, some were totally destroyed.

Moreover, due to the increased number of students in recent years, the schools are not big enough. Some of the schools divide the students into groups and provide classes in morning and afternoon shifts, and others are forced to use their school yards as classrooms.

At one school, 80 children were crammed into one room.  In such a crowded classroom, infectious diseases can spread very rapidly.

The education bureau of Al Anbar Governorate requested to the ministry of education and other government agencies that the schools be repaired and rebuilt, however so far the response has been inadequate.

For example, some schools just received materials to enable them to build only simple temporary classrooms.

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April 20, 2017 in Iraq |