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Looking forward of the pupils’ future - Interviewing the headmaster

[Khuja Agha, the headmaster (right)]

An interview with Khuja Agha, headmaster of Hofyan Sharif Girls High School
Hofyan Sharif Girls High School had no school building until JEN began to support the school. Before JEN's assistance, the pupils were studying at a rented house, but as the number of the pupils increased, the classrooms, water supply, and toilets were becoming insufficient and maintaining a sanitary environment was becoming increasingly difficult.

Therefore, many pupils gradually stopped attending class and began complaining to their families and refusing to attend school.

Aside from this problem, the girls' school was located far from the center of the village, so the village convened a meeting to address how the girls would be able to continue their schooling.

It was proposed that the respective girls' and boys' schools would swap, so that the girls would attend the house rented for the boys' school near the center of the village, and the boys would continue their schooling at a rented house a small distance from the village.

Looking back 3 years ago to 2014, when JEN's staff conducted a feasibility study, there was no place for a school for both boys and girls. To reform the school environment, the whole village searched for a new location for the school.

They later found a place which was free of charge. Additionally, it was fortunate that JEN's staff revisited the village.

During this second visit, JEN proposed to build the school, the toilets, and water drinking facilities on behalf of the education bureau which was lacking education funds.

Two years later in 2016, JEN began construction of 6 classrooms, 6 toilets, a well, water tank and the outer wall with education and disaster prevention.

Because of JEN's support, we were able to construct an additional 5 classrooms instead of our original proposed one classroom, so therefore we appreciate their support.

Because of the support from Japan, we were able to receive toilet and water facilities. Now, the pupils are surrounded by the outer wall in a secure school using clean water.

At class, they are learning about hygiene, and preventing and reducing disasters. When we imagine the pupils’ future, our expectations become big.

[The headmaster stands on the school ground]

We hope that the friendship between Japan and Afghanistan will continue.

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