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Iraqi Refugee Camps

As you may know, JEN has provided support in Iraq since 2003. During the past three years in Iraqi Kurdistan, JEN has supported internally displaced people (IDP) from Mosul to lighten the burden imposed on their life.
We visited an IDP camp in Salah Al-Din Governorate to check on their needs. Then we distributed cold protection supplies such as mattresses and blankets.
[A substantial amount of relief supplies were delivered]
We completed family member lists, prepared forms for supply distribution management, and distributed aid supplies to 1,800 families in the camp.
[JEN’s staff checking the numbers of family members on the member list]
IDPs and management people at the camp showed gratitude for JEN’s supply support. They told us that many people including children had to sleep on the ground because there hadn’t been mattresses before JEN’s visit.
[Mattresses were distributed to everyone]
Many children lost their parents and became orphans, or disabled because of war. Widows have to take care of their children alone now. Support is never enough even for the minimal living needs. These people are forced to live a rugged life.
[Children look happy to receive relief supplies]
Even though the reality is incredibly tough, we feel happy when people thank JEN for our support and for a helping hand being outstretched to those who need it. This reminds us of what human love is.
[Reliable local staff members of JEN]
Bassim Yousif
JEN Baghdad, Iraq

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