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Conducted a preliminary survey

On March 22 2017, JEN’s Sri Lankan office, with the Japanese government`s support began a project to strengthen resilience against natural disasters such as drought or flood caused by climate change.

Many families in the area make a living as farmers or day laborers. If a natural disaster like drought occurs, they would not be able to get enough food. Or, their income will fall as a result of crop reduction. There is a risk that they might fall into poverty.

Therefore for the project this year, our activities will include drought planning workshops, and the establishment of quality seed stores so that farming can restart immediately after any crop damage.

The project will be for the people in the area JEN that has supported since 2013.  We are conducting a preliminary survey to investigate the level of natural disaster awareness in the area.

We visited Mr. Sinnarasa who was a participant of a project JEN conducted in  Iththavil
of Pachchilaipalli in Kilinochchi District in 2014. He is running a farm using a well dug three years ago.

[Mr. Sinnarasa is running a farm]

Mr. Sinnarasa has been raising cowpea plants using the seeds JEN distributed three years ago, and has kept some crops for the next growing season. He showed us some cowpea plants that have been dried to gather the seeds. 

[Dried cowpea plant with seeds]

[Cowpea seeds taken from pods]

If you collect seeds and store them for the next growing season, you’ll save money as you won’t need to buy them. Or, you can use the stored seeds in case you lose crops in a natural disaster. It leads to better resilience.

There are a limited number of families who do the same as Mr. Sinnarasa. Many of them are still using hybrid seeds from which you cannot collect any seeds.
JEN will try to help the community to farm sustainably.

[Interviewing Mr. Sinnarasa as part of a preliminary survey]

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