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Exchange meeting between Agricultural Co-operatives

It is getting close to the end of the “Livelihood recovery support project” which started in March 2016 in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu.

During this one year, JEN built 45 agricultural wells for 93 households, which allowed people to farm during the dry season so improving the income from their crops. This helped people to take the first step out of poverty.

As part of community strengthening, agricultural cooperatives have been established in each area. This helped members to co-operate with each other to process the crops, which increased the incomes of the community and enhanced the residents ability to help themselves.

A total of 4 agricultural co-operatives were established in Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi.

In the past JEN provided equipment to improve the income of the agricultural cooperatives.This year, JEN provided mills to make flour and spices.

By making members think what kind of products they wanted to make, where to sell them, what sort of management system was needed, their sense of ownership has increased. However, members sometimes need help to get them started.

To provide this help JEN held a meeting on March 17th for members of the new cooperatives to obtain knowledge and skills from members of the existing cooperatives.

The purpose of this meeting was to connect the 11 agricultural cooperatives to form a network to benefit them all.


[Explaining the purpose of the workshop to the participants]

The participants looked for solutions by discussing various problems such as costs of agricultural co-operative, difficulties in securing sales channels and co-operating with each other.

[The presentation by the representative of the agricultural cooperative]

By learning together and exchanging ideas we hope the different co-operatives will work together for a long time into the future.

[What a brilliant group of successful members of the co-operatives]

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March 23, 2017 in Sri Lanka |