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A marvelous encounter

The JEN staff in Sri Lanka are based at three places, Kilinochichi, Colombo branch office and Mullaitivu warehouse. The international staff work at Kilinochchi office, but when necessary, we go to Colombo office.

In order to come and go between Kilinochchi and Colombo, we travel by train which takes a little less than 7 hours which gives us lots of chances of meeting people
This time, the man who sat next to us by chance was a Tamil named Mr. Somesun living in Australia. As a consultant of the Asian Development Bank, Mr. Somesun has been involved in water sanitation and agriculture projects in Asia Pacific for about 25 years.

On the train, he listened to our stories of JEN’s work in Sri Lanka and he told us of his experiences. It was an interesting and useful way to to spend the journey. 
We thought our local staff should learn from Mr. Somesun’s experiences too, so we asked him to come to the Kilinochchi office the next day.

Our discussions lasted for four hours, we all listened to him describe his work in other countries covering agriculture, well construction, creating seed banks and so on. We all got a lot from his visit.
Mr. Somesun got our staff to think why things happened as they did and to come up with solutions on their own. Our staff had a stream of never-ending questions. 

Unanimously they said in excitement, “We have found a superman!” or “If we had met him earlier, we would have learned much more”.   
An unexpected encounter became a useful gift to all of our team. We think that we should make the most of chances like these.
[Mr. Somesun is explaining the background to the situation in Sri Lanka to the staff]
[The staff are listening to him with zeal]
[We had our commemorative photograph taken at the end of his lecture]

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March 9, 2017 in Sri Lanka |