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Emergency Support Provided in the Emergency Camp For Those Who fled from Mosul Liberation Operation


At the “Emergency Camp, a total of 1,800 families (about 10,000 people) are temporary taking shelter in buildings under construction. These people are from both evacuated areas near Mosul. These evacuees were affected by the operation to liberate Mosul which began on October 17, 2016.

Since October assistance has been provided by many international organizations. However, there is still a lack of facilities because numbers of people flowing into the camp are continuously rising. Further, the minimum temperature on site goes down to around zero degrees every day since this January. Emergency support for the winter season is necessary until the spring comes.

We call the buildings in which the evacuees are living an “Emergency Camp” because this area is not recognized either as a refugee Camp or an IDP (internally displaced persons) camp, but was spontaneously established because of its urgent need.
This camp is not yet operated in a well-organized way like other established refugee camps, which receive fixed numbers of people based on capacity after being readied. This camp has buildings under construction and public facilities like schools. The camp JEN is working with is still under construction. Windows and doors have not been fully completed.

In this emergency camp, JEN is going to provide plastic sheets for people in order to keep the rain and wind out, so that they can live safely. We will also deliver blankets and mattresses.

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