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Dung fuel: Secondary product from farm animals

In Pakistan, people who were forced to evacuate due to mopping-out operation of the armed forces have gradually returned to their hometown little.

The residents in Tehsil Bara Khyber Agency, which is subject to support, produce fuel from the dung of cow and water buffalos. This is mainly a woman’s job. This fuel is called “SAPYAKA” in local area.
[Mountain of fuel]
Dung fuel is produced as follows:
1. Gather dung of water buffalos and cow
2. Make muck disc
3. Put it on the wall
4. Dry it for two days
5. Use it as fuel after taking off from the wall
[Dung fuel put on the wall to dry ]
Four, five dung fuels cover the power to make vegetable dishes. These are also used to make boiled water for bath during winter. These fuels are stored in bulk and sold in the market from time to time. The cost is around 3 rupees (about 3 JPY) per fuel and people sell 250-500 of them and earn 750-1,500 rupees (about 750-1,500 JPY). It is an adequate income for many women from families who own farm animals.
[Dung fuel after drying, it is used at home and sold in the market]

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