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The life told by Salma bibi, a participant in JEN’s activity

Salma bibi is a woman who lives in Bara area of Khaybar division with her 4 children.This is the area where JEN is working for the people who came back home. Her husband died 8 years ago while her family was forced to become refugees.

In 2008, Salma bibi’s family escaped to Peshawar from their home land. After her husband died, she says, she faced some hardships for 6 years during the life in the refuse. Before becoming refugees, they had 3 cattle and 2 goats, all of which they had to sell cheaply to make a living.

After peace returned to their village, the government started registration procedures on refugee families. After having her name registered as a female head of the family, she returned home.

JEN chose her village as a subject of support Salma bibi , who had her name registered as a subject of support, received a cow, 3 bags of nutritious feed and a bag of insecticide.

[Villagers are accepting a cow]

The cow given to Salma bibi was in the late month of pregnancy and gave birth to a bull a week after she accepted it. She was very happy because the birth of a bull made it possible to get 3-4 liters of milk a day.

[A baby bull is clothed over as protection against the cold]

Before receiving the aid, she was financially incapable of surviving daily life. Neighbors shared milk and yoghurt with her. Since she accepted and milked a cow, she has been able to lead a daily life at ease.

JEN advised her on how to properly take care of the cattle (such as proper feeding and watering or maintaining its health) to produce more milk.

From now on, JEN is going to carry out a two-day detailed training for cattle control in co-operation with the Cattle-Breeding Bureau.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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