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Record Growth of Stray Dogs

The presence of animals is an essential part of life in Sri Lanka. Since there are many farmers in the north, you can see buffalos, cows, goats and poultry all used in daily farming. The most common animal to see are dogs.

Watch dogs are very important in the north of the country as, despite the recovery efforts underway, many homes don’t have doors, windows, or yards surrounded by walls due to the destruction the north suffered during the civil war.

Different from Japan, dog owners generally let their dogs remain free to roam
, despite not spaying or neutering them.  As a result, there are many stray dogs. There is no animal shelter or place to take care of stray dogs and so the stray dogs have to survive by scavenging food from garbage.

Previously, JEN’s Sri Lanka office saved 4 puppies, each about 1 to 2 months of age, and, while looking for new homes to adopt these puppies, JEN’s staff raised the dogs at their own expense. Each puppy, not having a parent or a person to look after them, lived in hunger and in unsanitary conditions leading them to get fleas and roundworms as well as skin diseases.

Now, after a month of being with JEN, they have completely changed. We are temporarily taking care of these dogs until they are adopted by a stable home, but we are happy to see puppies with different personalities growing together.

[Brother and sister puppies “Momo” and “Big brother”]

[”Hime”, the third puppy to come to our office, and newcomer “Kuromaro”. Kuromaro will be adopted by the local staff and Hime is now preparing to go to Japan]

Last week we decided to take the brother and sister puppies which first came to our office to the Subramanyam family living in Anaiviluntan locality, which have joined with JEN programs. They say they can take care of puppies responsibly as they are able to obtain more income through farming after they complete their water well.

This family first came to Kilinochchi from Kandy during the 1970’s persecution by the government. They evacuated to Vavuniya in 2009 during the civil war and came back to Anaiviluntan after a year. They used to live in a house made of soil and coconut leaves at the time as they lost their house in the war.

Today they have built a house with assistance from the government and are raising 3 goats and some chickens. Also they can fully undertake their farming using the water well, with the expectation that it will increase their income. We are looking forward to seeing the puppies grow with the family.

[Living happily in the Subramanyam family with the new names “Tommy” and “Puppy”]

[With the water well which JEN supported]

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