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Hygiene education for teachers and students

One of the key activities JEN is carrying out in Iraq is the hygiene education for teachers and students. JEN is aiming at raising their awareness towards hygiene, health, and the environment, in addition to improving their families’ hygienic habits through proper education.

[The hygiene education posters displayed in a school]

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, JEN has put together hygiene leaflets for elementary and junior high school students.
In addition, the posters to be displayed in schools have been prepared, and a special training curriculum for elementary and junior high school teachers has been introduced.

The leaflets and posters have already been printed and distributed to the teachers. It is expected that these materials will help improve the hygienic environment of the schools in conjunction with the cleaning equipment that has already been distributed to each school.

[The hygiene education leaflet distributed to each school]

[The leaflet for teachers]

[A hygiene education session for school personnel]

Since it is recognized that hygiene education is vital for keeping the children in good health, JEN has been giving lessons to elementary school students on brushing their teeth and washing their hands.

[A hand-washing lesson]

[A tooth-brushing lesson]

The representatives of the Ministry of Education, school governors, teachers, and students have expressed their gratitude to JEN for promoting hygiene education.

A school official thanked JEN by giving a cake on which “JEN” was written as a present. That official has told us that he expects JEN’s activities will be conducted in as many schools as possible in all regions of Iraq.

[The cake given by the school as a present]

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