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Establishment of School Management Committee (SMC)

The main work of SMC is finding solutions and meeting demands in school. The committee mostly consists of parents, teachers, school principal, and village elders. Its members accept some roles in maintenance and management of school, thereby making the connection between the school and people involved with it.

JEN sets up SMCs for 30 supporting schools. Their members are from the Department of Education and the National Emergency Operation Center as well. JEN conducted disaster prevention and mitigation measures, along with hygiene education for the SMCs. Moreover, it held seminars on account and equipment management.

The SMC mainly manages the budget and arrangements with people involved for the maintenance and management of the school. In addition, the SMC manages teacher training for disaster prevention and mitigation measures, as well as hygiene education. The SMC also makes connection with investors, the government and the NGOs.

Main Shakh female school has a water tank and a well, but the handle of the well’s pump has been broken for many years, so it couldn’t be used for clean water. Therefore, JEN held seminars on account and equipment management, and instructed how to deal with this sort of problems and find solutions. Ultimately, the SMC succeeded in collecting donations from teachers and students, and repaired the well. Thus, the school finally regained access to clean water.

【Taken during the seminar on account management and hygiene education for the SMC in male high school】
【Taken during the seminar on account management and hygiene education for the SMC in female high school】

Bayan male school, which was constructed by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), hadn’t paved the sidewalk inside the school, thereby making it difficult for students to use it. However, the establishment of SMC helped the school to collect donations for sidewalk pavement and some of the local community also helped by providing labor.

【Sidewalk paved by the SMC】

It shows that all the students, along with the local community and the connected people are responsible for the maintenance and management of the school, security, and tree-planting in its ground.
【Flower bed planted by the SMC】

The establishment of the SMC and the seminars conducted brought great benefits to JEN and the Department of Education.

JEN Charikar office
Field Officer  Sultan Mohammad Khamoush

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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