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To Have Doors

JEN is providing water sanitation for those living in refugee camps in Iraq. This has created a safe environment in all household toilets, showers, and kitchen facilities.

Recently, many families have left the camps and new families have taken their place. When residents leave the camp, JEN goes with the camp manager to the place they used to lived, and recovers what can be reused so that the newly incoming family is able to settle quickly.

Among this recovery, the most important is the collecting of doors, so that when doors break, they can be replaced immediately. Last week, when we visited a vacant home, we encountered residents removing a door.
[A man removing a door from an unused bathroom.]
The man told us that the door of his tent was broken and would not close, and so he needed a new door. Not only is not having a door unsafe, but as we enter the winter months the night temperature has decreases and in this region there is a heavy rainfall in the winter.
[The newly installed door on the man’s tent]
At first we were surprised by the removal of the door without notice, but we were glad to help those who needed doors. Some of the refugees in the camp had spent over two years in the same tent, because these tents are designed for temporary use of 9~12 months, they are wearing out. In particular, damage to doors prevents them from closing properly.

Additionally, most of the tents have worn out through two years of use, and thus experience rain leaks. In such an aggravation of living conditions, the people must protect themselves inside the tent from the rain and cold air as winter approaches. Through support activities, JEN hopes to provide a more safe and comfortable environment for the refugees.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

November 17, 2016 in Iraq |