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Preciousness of each drop of water

It is as easy to drink unpolluted water as it is to breathe clean air. People of rich countries would think so. However, in a country like Afghanistan it is not easy as it seems.

In developing countries it is said that about 80% of diseases are caused by drinking unsanitary water. City dwellers in developing countries have difficulty in obtaining drinking water that is sanitary and suitable. In rural parts of these countries the situation is much more severe.
[Animals drinking polluted water in a pond]

[Spring water from a mountain]

Women and girls living in rural Afghanistan walk many kilometers to get water. Also in some places people and animals use the same pond for drinking water. If you are interested in the water crisis throughout the world and its impact, you can notice that 1 out of 10 children are dying by diseases caused by drinking unsuitable water.
[Children carrying water from a water source]

Drinking water is crucial for living. However, even in this age where investigations are conducted as to whether there exists water on other planets we still have to say that clean water is a dream for many people on Earth. It is pity, but this is the reality.

Water is essential to brush teeth, shave a beard, wash hands, clothes and dishes, have shower, flush a toilet and wash a car. If you look at your daily life, you may feel that you are wasting too much water.
Think about the people of the world again before you open a faucet. Can you imagine mid-summer with no water? It is not easy to imagine the reality of an area having difficulty in accessing water. What we can do is to stop wasting our water resources otherwise we will also lapse into water shortage.
[Water supply facility built by JEN]

Samah Batt
Accounting Assistant

November 24, 2016 in Afghanistan |