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Global Handwashing Day

On 15th October, Global Handwashing Day was held across the world. People in both Afghanistan and Iraq, where are supporting countries of JEN, also celebrate the day.
I met with a female student at a Global Handwashing Day event in Qalacha Girls High School. Her name is Sajida and she was in third grade.

She said, “I was not aware of the importance of handwashing before our teachers had a training for hygiene education from JEN. After that training, our teachers learned and taught us all about health and hygiene”.

She also said, “I learned from my teachers how to keep my hands clean. I also learned about the importance of nail cutting. I learned that if a person cuts her/his nail, she/he should always be healthy”.
Sajida also talked about tooth brushing.

[Sajida talks about the importance of nail cutting and handwashing]
She said, “When I learned from my teachers about hygiene, I started taking care more of my health so I am healthy now. If a student takes care of her/his health and washes her/his hands properly, she/he will never get sick. As a result, she/he can attend school every day.

Before, I did not know that handwashing has a global day that is celebrated throughout the world. However, in this year before this day arrived, our teacher said that on October 15th, we would celebrate Global Handwashing Day."

Sajida further added that when she heard about it, she was very happy.

Today, she understands that celebrating this day is also very important. If all people generally celebrate this day every year and educated people talk about the importance of handwashing, all people could be informed that handwashing is very essential for everyone, especially for those who prepare food for others.

She also said that if the elders of a family wash their hands by soap and take it importantly, their children could also adopt the habit of handwashing using soap.

[Sajida talks about health and hygiene during the celebration of Global Handwashing Day]
By, Engineer: Najibullah Khalilzai

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