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Case Study of Hanzala Khan of Chenai, SWA-FATA

Hanzera Khan led an ordinary life in Chenai village, Sarwakai district, South Waziristan until October 2008.

He is the oldest son of six brothers and he was the breadwinner of a family of 13. He has a 6 acre farmland, small "Kacha House" (house made of mud) and was expecting a good harvest from the farmland.

[Hanzra Khan and his house]

However, his family had to leave the village due to an emergency. His family moved to Tank District and stayed with their relatives. He and his old parents, small children and women evacuated from his village, walking through the hilly land over two days.

Back in his home, he was working day by day so his income was not sufficient to support his family.

After having spent half a year in Tank District, he moved to Karachi with relatives and had lived there until May 2015. He and his family led a poor life there as well,  by working as a day worker. He said that his father passed away there.

After the government’s announcement of the return of IDPs (internally displaced persons) in 2016, his family returned to the village they used to live with hundreds of other families.

Once home, they were shocked to see that their houses were totally destroyed.
Fertile farmland had changed to infertile land because of 8 years of being untouched.

Agricultural infrastructures such as irrigation facilities and pump wells have also been completely destroyed. Fruit ranch was also in complete destruction, as all of the fruit trees were gone.

[Desolate farmland after Mr.Khan’s return]

With the support of the United Nations, JEN and local partner, State Development Organization(SDO), are supporting the return of the third batch of IDPs to Saruwaki and Tiarza District.

One day in June 2016, Khan found out JEN and SDO team were going to visit their village and talk with the elder of the villages. Mr. Khan attended the meeting and was able to receive an agricultural support package. Mr. Khan is one of the first eligible recipients of this package.

[Mr. Khan’s reclaimed farmland]

Mr. Khan is planning to plant corn in a 0.5 acre land for the next farming season.
In addition, one pond was dug next to his house to provide irrigation water and drinking water.

He also underwent a technical training on agricultural technology and now he should be able to harvest enough corn in a few months to support his family.
“Even though my life looked miserable upon return from the  conflict, life changed for the better because I received the necessary tools and materials, took the training, and the land was cleared.”

Mr. Khan expressed his gratitude to JEN, SDO and United Nations.

[Mr Khan's corn field]

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