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Capacity Building Training for JEN Staff

One of the most important tools we offer to our JEN staff, who work very hard onsite and with local people everyday, is Capacity Building Training

Our office in Sri Lanka consists of staff in charge of General Affairs, Accounting, Community Support, Governmental Affairs and Engineering. These administrators work directly with the community.

They not only work to support those who have joined our projects, but also negotiate tenaciously with local government and vendors to get the equipment we need for our projects. Because of the multi-layered demands of working in our office in Sri Lanka, the staff all must be able to communicate at a high level with those around them in order to be effective.

We conducted capacity building training for JEN staff on October 27.
The purpose of this workshop was to improve negotiation and communication skill.

Group workshop on negotiation

We invited a specialized trainer to teach a workshop on Capacity Building to our project staff in order to strengthen their ability to offer community support.

Through the one-day workshop, JEN staff reflected on their strengths and weaknesses and learned team communication, negotiation skills as well as a community mobilization approach to help local people develop a sense of ownership in their community..

JEN staff enjoyed learning in a variety of ways, including games and group discussions, in addition to classroom training.

The workshops received very positive feedback:
“We had time to reflect upon our strengths and weakness. This was a good opportunity to think about how to develop our strengths further and how to support our weaknesses.”
Dilson Technical Officer.

“We have always tried to strengthen the people who join our projects, however, it is also important to train ourselves.”
Kugan Field Officer

JEN staff listening carefully during the workshop

After participating in JEN-sponsored activities, like building wells, the local people who join and support our projects need to maintain and manage them by themselves. Therefore, it is important to develop their capacity for self-leadership during the project.
To realize this, JEN staff participate in monitoring the local people, promoting agriculture, and revitalizing the community through proactive agricultural cooperation.

The workshop on Capacity Building will help community mobilization become more effective and efficient.

The certificates were provided to all participants at the end of the training

JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.


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