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The beginning of a new school term in Iraq

The new school term in Iraq began on 29 September 2016. The Minister for the Ministry of Education rang the opening bell at an elementary school in Baghdad.

The education system in Baghdad in the 1970’s and 1980’s was at the highest level in the region, and the literacy rate was maintained at a high level. The then government’s campaign to improve the literacy rate contributed to this situation. However, since 1991, the education system has failed as a result of the outbreak of the Iraq War and economic restrictions in Baghdad.

Since 2003, many schools in Iraq have required repairs to and restoration of their sanitary equipment.  Many schools also face additional problems such as the lack of laboratories, libraries, and basic infrastructure like electricity and running water.  The failing education system and deficient school facilities have been, and remain, an obstacle preventing children from attending and studying at school.
Furthermore, economic difficulty in Iraq has forced children to seek income through labor, thereby also contributing to the decline in literacy.

[School toilets and a water storage tank that JEN restored]

I genuinely hope that the education system in Iraq will be improved and the day when schools are full of life with children’s voices will come again.
By Thikra J Elias

[Not only children but JEN’s staff also have meetings with school officials at the beginning of the new term]

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