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I want to share our health education project this time.
The department of education requested us to support the redesigning of their current poster about “Let’s think about hygiene together!”. The poster will be distributed to assigned schools.

【JEN staff are discussing about the poster】

Each school sets up a Committee on Environment to review hygiene environment in schools at the beginning of each term. The committee is important to improve hygienic environment not only for schools but also for JEN.

The chairman of the Committee on Environment said, “With this poster, we want to increase awareness of problems about health and environment among children first. We also expect that children talk about the problems once they go home, and their parents and adult family members share the story to their neighbors. Finally, we want to improve overall regional health condition.”

For this second poster, JEN created a message as follows: “Your health is our goal”. Through this poster, we want people to be interested in hygienic management including food, as well as to raise awareness of hygienic environment around schools and their health in general. I hope that this project will improve hygienic environment for students in these schools.
By Thinkra J Elias

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

October 6, 2016 in Iraq |