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Construction of Thampakamam Community Center with Ford

As a part of the community strength support, JEN is establishing community centers where groups within communities such as agricultural cooperative association or village development committee can conduct activities. Under the idea “Buildings for the region should be built by themselves”, they don’t hire a building contractor and construction from the foundation to the roof is conducted by the regional village development committee.

On October 4, some employees of Ford Motor, one of the supporters of Thampakamam Community Center construction, came from Colombo to Kilinochchi to Colombo and helped with construction work under the program of Global Month of Caring as a volunteer.

The work for the day was backfilling after completing the foundation of the building and carrying the sand and soil to the 24 square meters place endlessly.
Vannankerny North village of Thampakamam district, which is a community center construction site, has limited woods and no building facilities because the place was released from the army last year and started resettlement of returnees.

For the employees who spend most of their time in the room with air conditioner, it was very hard to work under the scorching sun.

【Group picture before work】
【FORD and JEN staff who are preparing the foundation by moving remained block】
【Carry the sand by bucket or wheelbarrow like this】
Between the construction works, they visited the place where JEN constructs wells and spent some time with people in the community.
Houses made of block have been built in Thampakamam area by the recent government shelter support. However, there are still many houses made of tin roof or palm leaves and they shared 2 wells and 2 water tanks in 15 houses before JEN’s well construction for agriculture.
The employees of Ford Motor mentioned that Thampakamam area doesn’t look like the same country, after they saw its situation  when it was far behind the big city, Colombo.
Also, they were impressed by the people of Thampakamam area who are strong despite the lack of resources and opportunities.

Through these opportunities, I will be grateful if JEN has a chance to spread the history, beauty and people with full of hospitality as well as the situation of the northern area on be their behalf.
【JEN staff who serve lunch which community people made】
【The building which completes backfilling. It took all day】

JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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