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A new project called “ASUKUMA” (looking for bright tomorrow) has been started to cheer up Kumamoto

It has been six months since the earthquake hit in Kumamoto. JEN has recently started a new project for the people in the prefecture. The name of the project is called ASUKUMA. ASU means tomorrow and KUMA is the nickname of Kumamoto. Thus, the project’s name implies that Kumamoto can look for a bright tomorrow. ASUKUMA aims to restore the pride of Kumamoto in terms of its people, things, culture, as well as those based on people’s entrepreneurship. It is a two-month workshop.
The kick-off day was Sunday, 2nd of October. A total of 20 participants came to “HARMONY”, a center that aims to encourage gender equality and holds events related to it.
The project just has started!


October 14, 2016 in Kumamoto |