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Hosted support workshop for community improvement

JEN’s current projects are not limited solely to hard infrastructure projects, such as well construction and other similar activities, but also include activities focused on improving community support services which were destroyed when people were forced to evacuate from their communities during the civil war.
Following the end of the civil war, as many people re-settled in different communities to the ones they fled, they, together with participants in JEN’s project, have had to build entirely new social relationships within these communities.
In order for the community to be united and improve people’s lives through cooperation, JEN held a support workshop aimed at community improvement for all project participants on 23 and 24 August.
【JEN’s staff explaining the overview of the workshop to participants】

The aim of this workshop was to establish those skills necessary for carrying out community activities, such as leadership and goal setting in the community as well to develop strategies to assist problem solving among the team.   
We invited two lecturers, experienced in team building, training, and mentoring, to attend the workshop with the results being so positive that many people actively participated in the various activities such as games and short role-plays.
【Participants enthusiastically listening to the lecturer’s talk】

In the first session, participants were divided into several groups within which they discussed common issues that they face and relevant solutions.  These groups then discussed with the wider workshop the particular types of skills and areas of knowledge that are needed to address the identified issues.
Participants also discussed their ideas about which institutions they should seek assistance from in the event of various issues arising among the community.  We believe that we can provide these participants with useful and relevant information by collating information through case studies concerning regular issues faced daily by the participants.
【Participants solving problems experienced in the community through a short play】

In the last session, each participant announced their hopes for the future and their vision of their lives after construction of the wells was complete and the participants were able to increase their income.
In addition to gaining more income through agriculture, some participants told us of their big dreams such as opening a store and expanding the business, through the purchase of livestock, to include the sale of dairy products.
【Trainer asking each participant about their future vision.】

In this project, we plan to form an agricultural cooperative association by supporting community improvement. We hope that this workshop will lead to the establishment of a more powerful organization and bring bigger achievements to the community.
【Participants from Mullaitivu District】

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