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Field Staff Diary

Land Reclamation/Rehabilitation Company arranged 23 tractors for this activity. Initially, JEN staff gave them to two target villages. JEN staff held a meeting with village committee to brief them about the procedure of the activity. The procedure was that each farmer with uncultivated land should benefit from this activity. Each farmer was provided with a token one day prior to the activity. Each token is valid for 3.5 hours of tractor work. Meanwhile, some villagers identified their lands for work and tractors were deployed there to start work.

Tractors continued work in the abovementioned two villages. The project team did follow-up in the afternoon and further visited two villages and met with village committee president. The team visited the land to be reclaimed the next day. The committee president told that 35% of farmers have cultivated maize while 65% farmers are waiting for land rehabilitation by JEN. The team distributed tokens to 168 farmers for the next day work and returned back to the field office before sunset.

[ Identification of land to be rehabilitated]

[Farmer and his land to be reclaimed]

[Land rehabilitation]

[Field prepared for planting maize]

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September 1, 2016 in Pakistan |