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Dream Bag distribution in Charikar

Dream Bag project (since 1994) is implemented by Rissho Kosei-Kai organization (RKK) in some of the poor countries around the world every year. Participants in a movement named Donate-a-Meal (related to this organization) skip a meal several times a month and contribute the relevant mount of monetary donation to RKK.
The collected fund through the movement is spent for peace projects such as Dream Bags. The aim of distribution of Dream Bags is gladdening and encouragement of the children who are suffering from poverty caused by conflict.

These Dream Bags contain not only material objects but messages for encouragement of the children and prayers for world peace. They are distributed to children with cooperation of local partner organizations.

JEN is one of the organizations who cooperate in the Dream Bags distribution with RKK. This year, totally 5,096 students of grade 1 to grade 3 at 8 schools in Parwan province are selected to receive Dream Bags.

Children are excited when opening the bags and seeing toys and other items in the bags. They laugh and show their toys to each other with noises, “Hey I have this doll. Oh, I have color pencils”, etc.

Madina, a student of grade two at Mir Ali Ahmad Shaheed Girl's High School, was very excited and said, ”I’ve always been dreaming about having a teddy bear so I asked my father to buy one for me. He said that he would buy one on the eve of next Eid-ul-Azha. Now I am very happy because I don’t need to wait that late and have my teddy bear now. In addition, my father won’t spend his money on it because I know he isn’t a rich man.” “I would like to say thanks to RKK and JEN for these gifts and making my dream a reality.”

[Madina, student at Mir Ali Ahmad Shaheed Girl's High School, received a Dream Bag on 15, Aug, 2016]

At Hofyan Sharif Boys Middle School, I saw a student named Haris, who was playing with a trumpet /whistle toy. He said, “I’m very very happy because besides my family, someone is there who loves me and sent these toys for me. I was always dreaming of having these kinds of toys but unfortunately, they are not here in Charikar city.”
Haris also said, “I wish I would also buy and send these kinds of toys and stationery to other children around the globe who are in needs.”

[Haris blowing a trumpet from the Dream Bagfor him]

[Students at Hofyan Sharif Boys Middle School received Dream Bags on 17, Aug, 2016]

Zuhra “Afshar”
Field Officer

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