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JEN’s Prospectus for Returnees in FATA

Sustainability is an integral part of all JEN projects in every country where JEN is operating. JEN staffs ensure it while making every project if it is emergency, early recovery or development.

JEN has been working with emergency affected people of FATA since 2011 both in the displaced and return areas. JEN’s interventions range from Shelter/NFIs to WASH and from food security to livelihood sectors for almost 70,000 individuals. With security situation improving inside FATA, more than half of the populations (161,064 families) have already returned to their homes. However, 142,727 families are still waiting for their return. But the return process is continued steadily and as per government plan more than 90% of the displaced families will be returned in 2016. Given this statistics, JEN is dealing with the issue on emergency basis as well as pursuing long-term sustainable goals for the rehabilitation of returnees at their homes.

To this end, currently JEN is assisting 22,855 individuals in FATA to enable them to grow agriculture products at household level for improved availability of nutritious food. JEN is also working on economic recovery of more than 5,000 returnees through livestock sector in FATA.

JEN is currently planning to re-align its relations with several clusters for the assistance of returnees in emergency scenario as well as seek partnerships with institutional donors for the rehabilitation of returnees.

[Agriculture field in Bara]

[Post distribution monitoring]

[Agricultural land assessment]

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